I Need To Lose Some Wait


By Bruce Williams

I’ve been putting it off and putting off, again and again. I finally got around to it. That is, writing this piece.

So, what was I waiting for?

I was procrastinating. It took me a while to admit to that too. We all have a tentative feeling occasionally about next steps before we take them. Sometimes it’s part of being analytical, of assessing, of scrutinizing to create the best outcome. But too often we aren’t confident in the choice we want to make and might fear the outcome. The risk management part of my brain wasn’t in play here though. I simply couldn’t get my head around how to frame this thing and didn’t prioritize the time needed to do so.

 I’m not writing all this to call us all out on our complacency or our motivation. I’m simply doing it to encourage you to have a conversation with yourself about things you’ve been putting off. Conversations, email replies, returning a call, following up on a promise to get together, cleaning out your junk drawer, purging old clothes, looking for something you have misplaced. In business or personal matters, we can get a boost in confidence and initiative by completing something we have been deferring for no good reason other than you can’t get around to doing it. I allow myself some simple pleasure in completing a task or duty I have been delaying.

How about statements like

-          I’m waiting for it to go on sale

-          I’m waiting for you

-          I’m waiting for the right time

-          I’m waiting for a miracle.

Waiting, or procrastinating?

Amanda teases me about making lists. I like that because it means she understands why I do it. First, I have a bad memory and am easily distracted, but I also get a small charge out of crossing something off the list. That means I completed it. It means I can move along to the pleasure of completing something else. You can also feel a bit of a buzz from tackling something with some risk involved, something that requires deft or precise strategy, even if it’s deciding whether to finally purge that gadget from your junk drawer that you keep thinking you may actually use some day.

Life for Amanda and I was restructured recently, and we had some decisions to make about next steps. Not easy decisions, ones that can and have involved success but also disappointments. Big or small, decisions at their core are driven by emotion. That’s what makes them both difficult and gratifying.

So, if you have calls to return, emails to write, conversations to start, junk to purge, people to see, books to read, shows to watch, places to visit or any other “one of these days” plans pending, maybe think about losing that wait. Maybe make a list.

I’m glad I got around to writing this. I’ve been putting it off for too long.

I’ve also been prolonging a returning to a regular exercise routine

I need to lose some weight. What am I waiting for?