Succinct is a Four-Letter Word

Tree trunk with lost cat poster

Written by Amanda Wilson

In this cluttered online world of ours, people have learned to zoom past content that doesn’t interest them to the content that does. So if you’re going to capture their attention, you can’t afford to be lazy.

In advertising, the path to your audience's heart can be a short one if you don't make engaging with you feel like navigating a maze. Lead with your take-away. Don’t bury it in jargon and explanation. Avoid long-winded introductions and take out everything that doesn’t serve the story and the message. Be merciless. Cut and cut again, until only the essentials remain. Then figure out how to serve up those essentials in the most direct, entertaining way.

When it comes to using video for online advertising, shorter is often better. If you’re doing pre-roll ads, go with 5 or 10 second spots if you can. Even 15 seconds can seem like an eternity unless it's really engaging.

Think with Google showcases a great example of a brand that’s mastered the 6-second ad – read all about it here. Hefty Brands uses humor and relatable experiences to hit their target demo. Not only are those ads succinct but intensely creative too – in most cases as entertaining as the content the consumer is waiting to view.

We all work hard to understand where our consumer’s attention is focused, and how to turn their spotlight on us. How can we communicate our message most effectively in under 10 seconds or 50 words or even a single image? That’s a challenge waiting for a creative solution, so let's have some fun with it. Succinct is a four-letter word. And that word is BEST.

Image courtesy Gratisography.