MNP hired Spark Strategic Group to assist with event strategy, media relations and emcee services for the MNP Canada Winter Games Torch Relay we hosted in Victoria in November 2018. Working with very tight timelines, Spark was able to leverage their extensive network of relationships to arrange for several prominent local media personalities to participate in the Torch Relay, securing invaluable television, radio and print coverage.

Bruce also served as the event emcee for our Canada Games community celebration at the B.C. Legislature. As a high-profile public event, I was thankful to rely on Bruce’s extensive event hosting experience to manage any unexpected issue that inevitably arise during such events.

I also had the opportunity to work with Spark through my involvement on the steering committee for the “Island Good” campaign spearheaded by the Vancouver Island Economic Alliance. In late 2017, after more than two years of planning, our steering committee decided to launch an Island-wide pilot project to gauge whether an Island brand would increase demand for Island products. With only three months to plan and develop multiple launch events, marketing communications and social media, we needed someone who had not only the right combination of skills and expertise, but also the relationships required to pull together an effective Island-wide campaign. Spark Strategic was the ideal fit.

The Island Good campaign proved to be a major success, in no small part due to Bruce and Amanda’s involvement in the project. I am certain that their personal contributions to the campaign exceeded what was required by their contract – simply because of how strongly they believe in the value of promoting Island products and growing our regional economy.

I believe it’s this commitment to the greater good—to doing the right thing for their local community and the Island as a whole—that truly sets Bruce and Amanda apart. This is how they do life, and it’s how they do business. You can see it reflected in the local organizations and events that continue to benefit from their involvement. A case in point is the leadership role that Bruce played in helping to establish the South Island Prosperity Partnership (of which MNP recently became a member) and his ongoing efforts to grow the impact and influence of the organization.
— Peter van Dongen, Regional Marketing Manager, MNP

Spark has been instrumental in developing our communications strategy. Amanda conducted a communications audit that aligned our messaging in a myriad of tools from website to social media posts, directed our re-branding exercise, defined our voice for media releases, took charge of our relationships with other communications sub-contractors and the list goes on.

What makes Amanda and Bruce truly invaluable is that they roll with the punches like few would, adjust, act, react, laugh, direct, redirect, communicate with our partners when we are in no shape to do so effectively, are relaxed and pushy at the right time and deal with the craziness, personalities and stress that is us.

We are an Indigenous company and operate with a heightened sense of urgency and responsibility. We are passionate about social justice and equality which is the underpinning of all we do.

With Amanda and Bruce, we found two professionals who understand what drives us. They are stewards of our vision and values in the way they communicate on our behalf and are an integral part of our team.
— Katrin Harry, Managing Partner, Raven Events (producers of Advanced Business Match)

VIEA’s ‘Island Good’ pilot project has been successful beyond expectations in no small part because of the excellent work of Spark Strategic Group managing our media and coordinating our brand launch events. Amanda and Bruce are consummate professionals who have helped ensure effective market positioning for advertising and editorial across platforms. ‘Island Good’ is now here to stay on a foundation of ‘eye popping’ sales results for Island-made food and beverage products. The Economic Alliance created ‘Island Good’ believing that Islanders would chose local products over other brands if they could more easily identify them on grocery store shelves. Consumer response has been tremendous and Spark Strategic Group has played an important role in this success.
— George Hanson, President, Vancouver Island Economic Alliance

Amanda is great at understanding client needs, suggesting the right product and ensuring each campaign is delivered on time. She has always been personable, and professional and has a real gift for building relationships.
— Jennifer Vanderzee, Royal BC Museum

Bruce is a highly-skilled communicator who brings to the table a collaborative spirit, and valuable insight informed by experience and privileged-trust earned over many years. Bruce approaches his work and in a refreshing straightforward manner, and his thinking is clear, strategic and accessible. A natural leader, he inspires optimism and an inviting sense of the ‘greater good’ always seeking outcomes and solutions that reflect shared value and respect. Funny, smart, honest and courageous, Bruce works from his heart and his head. He is an accomplished community-builder and trusted colleague.
— Kathi Springer, Pace Group