Our Services

We fuse creative ideas with smart campaigns to articulate your brand and activate your sales.

At Spark, your success is our success.

We’d love to work with you to activate the change you want and need.

As experts in marketing and communications we provide a creative, common-sense, and caring approach to engaging your ideal customer through targeted strategies customized to your unique vision, goals, and brand.

We’re the un-agency agency – no bloated fees, no flashy campaigns that don’t deliver, no dictating what you should and shouldn’t do.

At a time when communication is increasingly complex and clarity matters more than ever, we’re the experts who can help you rise above the rest.

We’ve debated offering packages with set parameters and fixed rates, but we find that’s not what most businesses need. Instead, we start with a conversation to understand what you need. Then, we’ll suggest how we can best accomplish your goals.

Among our services, we offer:

Brand Building

What’s in a brand? A lot more than a logo or slogan. Your brand is the feeling people have when they encounter your business; it’s the way you’re perceived in the market, not only by your customers but by the community at large.


We’ll assess your current brand position and how it fits within your business growth goals.


We’ll look for disconnects and adjust as needed.


We’ll also help you create or refine your brand purpose, vision, values, personality, voice, and audience.

Content Marketing

Advertising entices, content engages. It’s one of the best ways to build a relationship with your ideal customer, providing a tangible understanding of your brand personality as well as your products and services.

It’s essential in driving organic traffic to your website and growing your ranking on search engines. It’s also the most direct way to reach your customer through channels you own.

What should you say? How should you say it? Who are you talking to? We’ll help answer those questions and craft a strategy that works for you.

The Written WorD

We offer copywriting for your website (including SEO), blogs, newsletters, and social media, in your brand voice for optimum engagement.

Animated Engagement

Video and podcasts are powerful tools in today’s crowded marketplace. The Spark team can help you produce effective, interesting visual and audio stories that capture and keep your audience’s interest.

Communication / Public Relations

The difference between owned and earned media is the former you control, the latter you hope for. Editorial coverage of your brand is still the golden egg of the golden goose. Everybody wants it.

We’re experts at getting you media attention, which is also a great way to drive organic reach and ranking and increase your brand authority.
We’ll strategize the perfect pitch, write, and disseminate your media release, and work with you to refine your brand voice so you’re ready to effectively articulate your business story to reporters from print, radio, television, and online news.


Paid media is that wonderful, sweet spot between owned and earned media. It’s also a pretty fun way to grab attention and get customers buying.

At Spark we are well known for our imaginative, creative approach and our ability to cut through the clutter and reach the intended audience with a message that converts.

We craft and manage brand and tactical campaigns that include:
Search engine marketing, Online advertising, Social media advertising, Influencer marketing, Traditional media (print, radio, TV), Out of home media (billboards, buses) …. And more.

Web Development

Is your website more blah than brilliant? Let’s fix that. Whether it’s a quick refresh or a brand-new website, we’re here to help. We offer web design and development, graphic design, copywriting, and SEO optimization.

Publicity Coaching

Taking centre stage to promote your business, but feeling intimidated by the thought of giving a speech or being interviewed by a reporter? The Spark team’s years of broadcast experience are your ally in preparing you for your day in the spotlight.

We can help you hone your story, craft your message, and teach you how to be
comfortable at a podium or in front of a camera.

Consultation Services

Maybe you don’t need a lot of help, but you’re feeling a little stuck or are experiencing a challenge you don’t quite know how to deal with, or your team could use a little support in developing or implementing marketing and communications plans or projects.

That’s where we come in. Whether it’s a one-hour consultation, feedback or support on a new project, or a media workshop for your team, our goal is to leave you feeling inspired, with actionable steps and concepts to help grow your business.



“I believe it’s their commitment to the greater good—to doing the right thing for their local community and the Island as a whole—that truly sets Bruce and Amanda apart. This is how they do life, and it’s how they do business.”