Keep it Personal

Apr 11, 2022 | Brand Building

Why the business story still matters no matter how large your company grows

man and woman in urban environment
Amanda Wilson & Bruce Williams, owners of Spark Strategic Group, who believe you should never remove the personal touch when it comes to growing your brand. Photo: Jeffrey Bosdet.

What was that first spark of inspiration to start your business? Everyone has a story that comes from a uniquely personal place. Whether it is a start-up or an established company, making a commitment to that journey is what transforms a passion into a profession.

Running a business is such a labour of love, every decision you make shapes how your customers see your brand as an extension of your personality.

As a business grows, a lot of owners are excited to revamp their marketing and/or refresh their branding as soon as the budget becomes available. In some cases, the desire is to make their business seem more polished and professional, taking all their personality out of the picture for fear that it might make them look too small.

This is a mistake.

Instead, we should always be looking for ways to enhance what makes our business special by elevating the personal vs. trying to fit inside a box we deem more professional.

The truth is you are the secret sauce that sets your brand apart.

You’ve heard it a thousand times before – people buy from people. Your vision and purpose are at the heart of your brand. Just like the founders of Mint Cleaning, two women who went into business together after meeting in a Mom Group in Ucluelet, BC.

These lovely entrepreneurs felt inspired to share some of their recipes with their world by branding an eco-friendly line of effective cleaning products. Handmade in small batches, Mint Cleaning has stayed true to its roots while also becoming incredibly successful.

Their fresh mid-century font captures the essence of a simpler time when households used more wholesome, safer products. Their mission shines through in a clean and professional way, without sacrificing their sparkling personalities which can be leveraged on other platforms.

Robyn & Monika of Mint Cleaning
Robyn & Monika, owners of Mint Cleaning, keep it personal when promoting their products. Photo:

Just follow Mint’s Instagram to find relatable mom memes such as their video, “trying to find your libido after a long day” to the tune of Mission Impossible. These ladies know their audience because they are their audience.

Even a big brand has a personal story

Meanwhile, on a much larger scale, consider Tesla. A brand that is synonymous with its founder, Elon Musk and his desire to change the world through renewable energy and sustainable resources. These underlying ethics are shared by Tesla drivers who also want to do their part to protect our environment.

It is entirely possible Tesla drivers are also Mint Cleaning consumers as there is an eco-friendly overlap of values between the two diverse brands.

As your company grows try to keep that personal element in your business; at the very least by including your founder story on your website under the About Us section and as spokespeople providing regular updates on your growth.

The more impersonal your marketing, the more like every other brand you become, and the less invested your customer is in buying from you. People buy from people, and they buy because you’ve sold them on your story, your passion and the problem your brand solves.

Growth does not come by watering down who you are, it comes from finding new ways to showcase what you believe in. Don’t let success sabotage what made people love your brand in the first place. No-one likes a faceless corporation.